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To be in line with the regulation, the Company has applied the following policies to support yje implementation of energy saving in the Company’s environment:

  1. Conduct relevant training to generate certified energy manager.
  2. Arranging energy audit program
  3.  Conducting energy audit (Preliminary Audit) under cooperation Scheneider Electric in 2014\
  4. Implementing the result of energy audit performed

Real implementation of the abovementioned Company’s policies was performed through relevant activities which bring significant impact towards energy saving in the Company’s environment, among others

  • to monitor energy utilization real-time by installing Power Monitoring in all electrical power
  • to replace TL with LED lamp
  • to replace high capacity motor with high efficiencymotor
  • to restrict the air consumption based on need

Energy Audit

In 2014, the Company stayed focused on the completion of energy audit stages and the implementation of audit recommendation. Implementation of the audit recommendation will generate energy efficiency.

Additionally, the completion of audit and the implementation of audit recommendation has also successfully brought positive contribution to the Company, among others:

  • The Company managed to have certified energy manager
  • The energy audit of the Company was conducted by certified auditor

Water Treatment

The Company was highly committed to maintaining environmental preservation. This is proven by waste and emission disposal done regularly and also waste drainage management by the Company co-operating with Bogor Agricultural University.