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Inauguration New Road and Digging Biopori hole


On May 6th 2015, the Regent of Bogor inaugurated new road in surrounding area which has been constructed by group of companies in surrounding area called as Hiperkibra; inauguration held on Jl. Pahlawan witnessed by local authorities and representative of companies from Hiperkibra.

Later, Regent of Bogor continued the program with digging a biopori hole in Indo Kordsa garden. Constructing Biopori hole approximately 10cm wide and 1m deep is a program in support of local government program to increase water absorbance by the soil.

9 biopori holes were dug by Regent of Bogor, vice chairman of local legislator, chief of police, other representative of local government, Mr. Nuri Duzgoren and the representatives of Management Indo Kordsa.