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Inauguration of Public Clinic for Children


Following the success of renovation program of uninhabitable housing (Rumah tidak layak huni) in the first semester of 2015, Indo Kordsa continued its CSR activities in the surrounding villages in the second semester of the year.

On 13 November 2015, President Director, Mr. Zeki Kanadikirik, accompanied by Mr. Wahyu Yuniarto, Director, officially opened Posyandu Nusa Indah (Local Baby Health Center) which was built by the support of Indo Kordsa. The Posyandu is located in Karang Asem Village and was built with a budget of 11 million rupiah. Besides the Posyandu, Indo Kordsa also installed a water pump in the same area in order to help the local people during the dry season.     

The opening ceremony was attended by Citeurerup District Head, Drs Teddy Pembang, Head of Karang Asem Village, Mr. Syarif Hidayatullah and his entourage, representatives of the District Police and Military Offices. The ceremony was done by cutting the ribbon and slicing the tumpeng (Indonesian traditional of yellow sticky rice), followed by the opening of 4 tap waters connected to the pump. On that occasion, Indo Kordsa also presented laptops to the District Office, Police and Military Offices to improve their services to the public. In its opening speech, the District Head thanked for this contribution and expected a better cooperation between the two institutions in the years to come.

Aside from that, Indo Kordsa also presented educational facilities to schools in the Citereup surrounding. Computers, whiteboards, tables, chairs, carpets and books were donated to some selected schools such as Arsyada Orphan School (in Karang Asem Timur), Raudhatussalam (in Karang Asem Timur and Sukahati) and Mahfakul Hikam Boarding School (in Karang Asem Timur).

In addition, Indo Kordsa’s monthly CSR program continued, such as scholarship to 40 orphans and providing food and milk to local posyandus.