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Visit of UI Students to Indo Kordsa


On 18th and 23rd November 2015, students of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the University of Indonesia visited Indo Kordsa.

As many as 100 students came and were accompanied by the lecturer. They were welcomed by Indo Kordsa’s President Director, Mr. Zeki Kanadikirik and Mr. Wahyu Yuniarto, Director in the training room, social building. The students were given brief explanation about the company, process and production. Later on, they made a brief plant tour and visited the TCF2 plant accompanied by Indo Kordsa’s engineers who explained about the production process during the tour. There was a Q & A session, in which the students were given opportunity to ask questions related with their study. The program was part of Indo Kordsa CSR program in introducing the real work practice to students as well as corporate branding.