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Indo Kordsa Safety Dojo


Indo Kordsa Safety Dojo

The Company introduces “Safety DOJO” as a training place for safety-awareness aspect. In the Safety DOJO, we provide various simulators to experience several hazards actually where the employees are able to have learning process equipped with direct experience regarding basic safety regulation.
Objectives of the Safety Dojo are to raise employee’s awareness on safety issue and to sense threat, to decrease accident rate in the Company and to create Company’s people with ability to perform safety action.

Throughout 2016, Safety DOJO program has contributed in providing following safety programs, training and simulator facilities to our employees:

• 10 SHE Golden Rules
• PPE Display & Fire Alarm Simulator
• Rotating, Involved Simulator & LOTO
• Handling & Transporting Simulator
• Confined Space Simulator
• Eye & Breathing Simulator
• Working at Height Simulator
• Evacuation Simulator
• Hoist Lifting Simulator & BOS Simulator
• Chemical substances awareness
• Dropped Object Simulator