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All Star Award


For the first time, the celebration of All Star Award held simultaneously in all Kordsa companies around the world, "live" via video conference on March 26th, 2015.

The event took place at 18:30 until 20:00 WIB in the Company led by Mr. Hakan Oker, Vice President HR & IT of Kordsa Global and was attended by Mr. Nuri Duzgoren, as representative of management and Indo Kordsa teams successfully nominated for the All Star 2014 nominees. For nomination in company category, Indo Kordsa Polyester won a championship in the category of Best Manufacturing Performance PET for productivity and yield result while Indo Kordsa won the championship in the category of Climate Organization, for obtaining the best results of the employee survey is 74%.

As for the projects category, some of the projects won by Indo Kordsa, namely Best Project Team in the field of Continuous Improvement (Runner), with the Energy Efficiency Optimisation project AHU made by a team of NYP Production, Utility, Technical and Maintenance. Indo Kordsa also won Best Capex Project through the Greenfield Project as a joint project team of Indo Kordsa and Indo Kordsa Polyester. Furthermore, Indo Kordsa Polyester production team managed to win the category Best Kordsa Improvement Team via Consumable Parts Pack Recycling project. Twisting TCF team, also received special nod in the category of Best Improvement Team through improvement projects in Side Area Inventory. In addition to the above categories, there is also a global synergies category which is a join project by and between our employees in cooperation with the  other employees from Kordsa group. Mr. Wahyu Yuniarto and Ms.Galuh Maya Sanristia won in this category through project Blue Collar Performance Management. Satria Mukti Nuswantara also won in Kordsa Global TCF project Global Shopfloor. Some Indo Kordsa employees who are members of the ABC Project, Global Technology Platform also won the category Best Capex Project. The event was closed by a special celebration for employees.