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Social Responsibility on SHE (Safety Health & Environment) and PSRM (Process Safety & Risk Management)

Throughout the year of 2016, the Company has also managed to prove its commitment on social responsibility in manpower, occupational health and safety (K3) thorough consistent implementation of the occupational health and safety management system (SMK3) based on international standards and prevailing regulations in Indonesia, this is also reflected by the Company again obtaining a Gold categorized certificate in early 2016.

SHE Golden Rules is a set of main principles of SHE practice in the Company prepared towards SHE best Practice to bring safety working environment and standard and to provide optimum protection to all of our workers.

SHE Golden Rules implementation covers overall occupational health and safety aspects starting from principle education, supports up to commitment of the Company on SHE standardization, investigation and audit activities comprehensively.

The Company is fully aware of the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment as the company’s target in achieving Zero Accident and conducting Environmental Protection. Therefore, the Company is committed to:

1. Implementing PSRM (Process Safety & Risk Management), Occupational Health, Safety & Environment System consistently.
2. Develop ability, knowledge and skill for all level employees to improve SHE performance.
3. Comply with regulations related to product, activity, health, safety and environment.
4. Create safe and healthy working environment, and prevent environment by affected activities and products.
5. Perform continuous improvement efforts to increase Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Performances.
Safety Riding Policy
PT INDO KORDSA Tbk fully aware of Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental including Safety Riding. As our target to achieve Zero Injury regarding Traffic Accident, we are committed to:

1. Adhere to the regulations related to documents required.
2. Implement pre-trip inspection, ensure vehicle condition is safe and use personal protection equipment for driver and passengers.
3. Create and keep a safe riding attitude during the journey.
4. Ensure always obey all the rules on the street.
5. Develop ability, knowledge and skill for all level employees to improve Safety Riding Awareness.
PSRM (Process Safety & Risk Management)
One of tool for strengthened safety in the Company is by establishing a PSRM process. Process safety & risk management is an analytical tool for preventing accident to happen which becomes standard of SHE department. PSRM provide an opportunity for the discovery of most major process incidents and other problems. All industries need cost-effective methods of hazard identification and analysis.
Process Safety & Risk Management (PSRM) of the Company refers to a set of inter-related approaches to manage hazards associated with the process industries and is intended to reduce the frequency and severity of incidents resulting from releases of chemicals and other energy sources following principle of national and international safety standards. These standards are composed of organizational and operational procedures, design guidance, audit programs, and a host of other methods.
PSRM is directed toward preventing process-related incidents which affect personnel, equipment, or off-site communities. Each person involved in transporting, storing, or processing products is responsible for managing the hazards of the operation to avoid incidents, injury to personnel, and damage to equipment and the environment. PSRM is not only responsibility of SHE department but it is everyone's job.
We care for the environment at its best by always promoting environment protection principle for entire operation and business processes. To ensure environmental-standard obedience, we have standardized our plants, process and working mechanisms to comply with Environmental Law and Regulation applied by Indonesian Government.

This year the Company is in process of obtaining Certificate for ISO 14001: 2015, which is an international standard emphasizing in Environmental Management. One of its purpose is to assist the Company in in elevating the Company’s Environment performance in cutting down for the usage of nature recourse and other waste, gaining the competitive advantages from the trust given by the shareholders.

Legal Compliance
Our plants have been received certifications, as follow:

• Indo Kordsa Tbk: AMDAL was approved pursuant to Bogor Mayor Decree No. 541.3/90/Kpts-DAM/BLH/2012 dated May 11, 2012;
• Indo Kordsa Polyester: Environment Management and Monitoring (UKL-UPL) has been legalized by Bogor Municipal Government under  
recommendation number 660.1/1.463/DAM-BLH dated June 14, 2012.
• Waste water license has been approved pursuant to Bogor Mayor Decree number 658.31/P-IPAL/00013/BPMPTSP/2016 dated April 11, 2016.
• Hazardous waste storage license has been legalized by Bogor Municipal Government with number 658.31/21/Kpts-Dal/BLH/2015 dated June 16, 2015.

Waste Management Policy
The Company has applied Sewerage Management System which regulates hazardous waste classification and proper & correct waste disposal. The system is conducted as part of operational system of the Company for production waste that are categorized as waste that have impact and implication to environmental damage.
The Company has provided a manual book/guideline that defines proper waste disposal and waste control procedures keep saved internally in the Company’s SHE department, however the socialization for waste management has been provided to all personnel of the Company so that it can be implemented properly. In addition, B3 waste management training is also held regularly and continuously.
Purpose and objectives from the above mentioned procedures are to protect employees from any disease caused by working as well as to prevent environmental damage. In addition, this procedure is related with the Company’s compliance with environmental regulation implemented by the Government. The procedure also shall apply to all shareholders in the Company.
In general, there are several waste water management procedures in the Company, as follows:
i. Non-hazardous liquid waste, processed at water waste management unit in the Company monitored, cooperation with Bogor Agriculture Institute in monthly basis.
ii. Hazardous waste, processed at waste destruction company with official license and registered to demolish waste issued by Republic of Indonesia Government;
iii. Other non-hazardous waste is disposed to non-hazardous waste disposal site owned by the Government.
Energy Saving Policy
The Company also encourages all of our people to participate in energy saving initiative implemented under Energy Saving policy to bring more effective and efficient energy use for daily working activities.

Indo Kordsa Energy Saving Policy is as follows:

• Optimization compressor in TCF plant is reducing energy consumption by almost 50%;
•  Reducing air leakage in TCF plant by establishing air leakage buster.
• Replace lamp with LED type also support the decrease in energy consumption
• Launch a media campaign by focusing on:

i. Increase awareness of energy saving on daily activity by publishes bulletin, posters, and banners;
ii. Encourage continuous improvement projects and idea systems related with energy efficiency proposal.

Chemical Safety Policy
As a reflection of the commitment of the company in protecting the environment, Company has applied Chemical Safety Management System which regulates chemical material handling. The system was implemented as a part of the operational activities of the Company to reduce or eliminate the potential for its particular impact on the environment.
Chemical Safety Policy in Indo Kordsa, such as:

• Make arrangements to purchase chemicals are chemicals that are used must contain environmentally friendly materials;
• Chemical material storage area appropriate with regulation;
• Ensure all chemical materials completed with MSDS and GHS Symbol related with hazards that its contained.
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Refer to Kepmenaker nomor KEP.187/MEN/1999 (Pengendalian Bahan Kimia Berbahaya di Tempat Kerja) and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 (Hazard Communication Standard).
Company shall:

• Completed all chemical materials which is used with MSDS, that purpose give all information related a chemical material;
• Conduct socialization about hazard that contained in a chemical material to all company employees;
• Give information to all partied that related with company business.
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