Corporate Governance > Whistleblowing System

The Company has had a whistleblowing system by forming Ethics Officer joined in the Board of Global Ethics. For questions or to raise any concerns on any possibility of violation of ethics code, whistleblower may contact directly the Ethics Officer.

Ethics in cooperation with the Company’s management Officer and/or the Board of Ethics has the responsibility to:

  1. Ensure that the confidentiality of the complaints/reports made in the Code of Conduct framework and prevent retaliation to the individuals reporting the complaints.
  2. Provide security to employees reporting the complaints/report.
  3. Ensure that the complaints and reports are investigated timely, fairly, consistently, and sensitively, and necessary actions are taken against such violations.
In performing its duties, Ethics Officers act independently without any interference from their department heads and organization hierarchy. They shall not be given any pressures or inputs concerning the problem. If necessary, they can ask for “experts’ opinion” and consult with the experts to ensure that the necessary actions have been properly taken and the confidentiality principles are not breached during the investigation.