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At Indo Kordsa, we work hard to make sure that we offer competitive reward and opportunitites to our employees. Indo Kordsa employees love working in Indo Kordsa, as seen by its highest employees engagement level among Kordsa Global companies.

In Indo Kordsa, various programs and facilities are provided by the company to achieve work life balance for its employees, among others:

Family Gathering

This program is held once a year and participated by employees and family members. So far, the selected places have been Ancol Fantasy World, Ocean Park, Sea World, Safari Jungle, Jungle Land Sentul and Indonesia Miniature Park.

Haj Program

Every year, the company selects 2 of its best employees who pass the Haj selection test to be sent to the Holy Land for Haj Pilgrimage. Until today, more than 40 employees have already carrying out the Haj pilgrimage supported by the company.

Social Club & PORSENI

To accommodate employees’ interests and hobbies, the company provide social club facilities for futsal, fishing, football, funbike, badminton, music and table tennis. These activities are competed in the annual PORSENI (Sports and Arts Weeks) where interesting prizes are awarded.

Celebration of Holy Festivals, such as Idul Fithri, Idul Adha and Christmas

These three holy festivals are celebrated every year by organizing congregational prayers, Halal bi Halal, the sacrifice of animals (kurban) and distribution of meats, as well as Christmas gathering for the Christians.

Development Programs

Employees Development Programs are conducted for every level of employees in the organization, with different topics every year depending on the necessity of each department. These internal and external trainings are designed to help employees do their jobs effectively, by upgrading, improving, or refreshing knowledge, skill or certain competencies. In addition to this, our unique development program is KEEP, in which employees can participate online various training programs through the internet. The programs are available in two languages, English and Indonesian.

Celebrating Performance

Indo Kordsa’s employees are very important human resource asset for the company and need to be given serious attention. All employees are expected to give their best contribution for company’s advancement. Therefore, employees who has achieved work targets, should be given recognition to motivate them in enhancing or keeping their good performance aligned with company’s expectation. Achievements entitled to recognition can be in the form of department/plant or individual achievements. Department/plant achievements are recognized for momentum or yearly target achievement. On the other hand, individual recognition is given for best attendance employees and behaviors in line with company’s values. The most prestigious recognition is, however, the Kordsa Global All Stars, celebrated every year through a live video conference by all Kordsa Global sites around the world, in recognition of best continuous improvement projects.