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Tire Reinforcement

Cord Fabric

At its hi-tech facilities, Kordsa Global processes Nylon 6.6, polyester (HMLS and technical), rayon and aramid yarns to produce cord fabric which lends tires strength and flexibility.

Single End Cord

Single end cord production uses a variety of synthetic yarns such as nylon, polyester, aramid, rayon, and yarns containing natural fibers. Pursuant to customer specifications, these yarns are spun in single or multiple-ply and later cured to the required adhesion and physical properties.

Kordsa T-728 SEC is a specially designed multifilament PA66 yarn for advanced industry solutions. It has superior mechanical yarn quality with advanced physical properties. T-728 is mainly used in modular Tire Building Technology. It is also widely used in hoses, air springs, V belts and others.

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