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KraTosTM Macro, KraTosTM Micro

The Kordsa Global Construction Reinforcement Business Unit was set up in the second quarter of 2014 and is involved in market research and technology development for the production of construction reinforcement products. Kordsa Global has merged its expertise in industrial fiber technologies with its reinforcement mission and introduced the brand KraTosTM, the first product of the Construction Reinforcement Business Unit. KraTosTM is a new, concrete reinforcement synthetic fiber for the construction industry.

Together with Akçansa and Çimsa, KraTosTM was awarded with the First Prize in the Corporate Synergy Subcategory of the Golden Collar Awards of the Sabanci Group in April 2013, and became the first domestic product in the national fiber market, which has a volume of approximately 3.500 tons. While enhancing the carrying capacity, resistance and strength of concrete, KraTosTM also prevents fracture formation. With these attributes, KraTosTM Structural Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcements are used in place of steel mesh and steel fibers in various infrastructure and superstructure construction projects.

The production line of KraTosTM Macro was in 2014 and optimization tests are under way. The installation of the KraTosTM Micro-packaging line is scheduled for the first quarter of 2015.

As of the second quarter of 2014, tests conducted by the Civil Engineering Department of the Istanbul Technical University on concrete reinforced with KraTosTM Macro Synthetic Reinforcement products were concluded, and the CE Marking was obtained.

For further information please visit our KraTosTM micro site here